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DC circuit breaker application place
Oct 08, 2018

Power system In power systems, substations and other high-capacity, high-voltage power systems, DC systems provide reliable power supplies for relay protection, operational control, signal sound, and accident lighting. Small DC circuit breakers are the most One of the important components, its stable and reliable operation will directly guarantee the safety of the entire power system. The vigorous development of DC power information industry has ushered in the development of DC power supply industry such as communication power supply, EPS, UPS, etc. The base station and data center have mushroomed up and now on the land of China. In order to ensure the high precision requirements of DC power supply, as DC The most important DC circuit breakers for operating and protecting components in the feeder circuits of the power supply play a very important role in protecting the equipment and limiting the scope of the accident with its reliable selective grading. Rail Transit and Electric Locomotive At present, China's urban rail transit system is powered by DC system. 

Most of its DC power supplies are provided by high-power silicon rectifiers, and silicon rectifier components have low requirements for overload, and the requirements for DC power grid protection components are higher. Quick analysis of important components in rail transit for DC-specific circuit breakers. Ships DC circuit breakers are one of the most important components in marine power systems and electric propulsion systems. It protects the faults of power distribution systems and electrical equipment, and adopts various protections to ensure the safety of the ship's power supply system and electrical equipment.

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