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DC circuit breaker function
Oct 08, 2018

The DC circuit breaker has super-class current limiting performance, which can accurately protect the relay protection and automatic devices from overload and short circuit. The DC current circuit breaker has the advantages of current limiting and arc extinguishing capability. After a large number of comprehensive scientific experiments, it can realize full selective protection between the main (sub)screen, protection screen and relay screen level in the DC system below 3000Ah.

The DC circuit breaker adopts a special arc-extinguishing and current-limiting system, which can quickly break the fault current of the DC power distribution system, so that the step-mixing can be greatly improved. The DC circuit breaker is specially designed for the accidental tripping between the test screen and the power distribution screen in the power engineering DC system. The series has excellent performance and can avoid the above faults. The step-compartment characteristics of DC circuit breaker products are the best for similar products at home and abroad.

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