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Mini Circuit Breaker

  • Mini Breaker 1P

    Mini Breaker 1P

    DC breaker BB1-63 300V 1P BB1 series breaker 1P 300V max current is 63A, with over current protection for solar DC string. For small off grid systems protection or any DC strings below 300V 63A. Non-polar breaker can be easy and safe wiring.Read More
  • MCB 2P

    MCB 2P

    Mini DC breaker BB1-63 600V 2P 2P 600V DC breaker is most used in off grid systems, for battery DC string protection and controlling, 1 string both positive and negative. Rated current range 3A-63A, 16A is most application in the off grid systems. The isolation barriers go...Read More
  • Mini Breaker 3P

    Mini Breaker 3P

    DC Mini circuit breaker BB1-63 900V 3P Most of solar residential systems voltage is below 900V, and off grid system below 900V. When the system voltage more than 600V, it’s better to install the DC mini circuit breaker or DC switch with the fuse as over current protection. 3P...Read More
  • DC Breaker

    DC Breaker

    DC MCB BB1-63 1200V 4P DC breaker 4P 1200V 63A can protect 2 strings from solar panels at most. Avoid the DC strings over current happen. An IP66 enclosure is optional for outdoor application.Read More
  • Enclosed MCB

    Enclosed MCB

    IP66 Mini Breaker The BB1F-63 is the breaker with IP66 enclosure, Voltage is from 300V 1P to 1200V 4P. Max current up to 63A. When the solar PV systems voltage is more than 600V, the system requires the over voltage protection from DC breaker or DC fuse.Read More
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